Catalog of Products
  1. 6v to 12v conversion kits
    $200.00 & up
    6v to 12v conversion kits
    Most year, make and model American cars and trucks. Custom assembled by us using original shop and parts manuals. Lots of options
  2. Alternator conversion kits
    $125.00 & up
    Alternator conversion kits
    Replace your old generator with one of our alternator kits. 100% brand new and assembled by us. Available in 6 or 12 volts Positive or Negative ground Low amp 32/63 or high amp 50/100
  3. Starters
    $75.00 & up
    We offer complete restored units. We can convert from 6v to 12v.
  4. Generators
    $127.50 & up
    Full restoration services. Convert from 6v to 12v. Convert from 3 brush to 2 brush. Regulator adjustment services.
  5. Alternators
    $68.75 & up
    Complete restoration services. Higher amperage upgrades. Domestic and Import.
  6. Alternator brackets
    $35.00 & up
    Alternator brackets
    Replace your generator with an alternator. Many US year, makes and models available. Made of steel. Natural finish. Chrome available.
  7. Battery Cables
    $9.25 & up
    Battery Cables
    Single cables to complete kits. Ultra flexible. 6v or 12v systems. Cataloging from 1915 to 1970's Custom lengths
  8. Electric Fuel Pump Kits
    Electric Fuel Pump Kits
    Low pressure for Carburetors. 6v or 12v Negative or Positive ground. Complete with all wiring, connectors
  9. Electric Radiator Fan Kits
    $125.00 & up
    Electric Radiator Fan Kits
    6v or 12v Positive or Negative ground. 10", 12", 14" or 16" Push or Pull, Switch or Thermostat control. Complete with wiring and connectors.
  10. Lighting
    $0.40 & up
    Miniature light bulbs. Sealed Beams. LED bulbs. Halogen Headlight Conversion Kits. Tail Light Kits Bulb and LED.
  11. Electric Wiper Kits
    $249.95 & up
    Electric Wiper Kits
    6v and 12v kits Replace your vacuum wipers. Kits available to replace early electric systems.